Your Notary Instructors

It’s time to start rethinking the role of content in learning. A fresh perspective on this issue is thinking about our role as the states choice for Notary Education and that of our students.

The role of “notary public training content expert” is familiar and comfortable for most of us, and the years spent in gaining expertise has put us in the forefront for the model of teaching Notary Education.

What our students need from us is assistance in navigating the waters in the ocean of notary information. Selecting only the best representation for the subject of not only retaining the information for passing the notary state exam, but for retaining the information as it pertains to the actual responsibility of notarization.

Because each Notary Public is financially liable for notarizations, the demand for trusted a Notary Education Team is paramount. And while accessing knowledge is essential in learning the trade of notarial acts, it is not the end of learning.

Our students also need to  learn the skills necessary to review and evaluate various sources of information – and be able to differentiate what is relevant, accurate and reliable and why.

Having more than one Notary Instructor available at our Notary Seminars allow for every student to receive the attention needed in order to be well prepared to pass the California Notary State Exam. And  more importantly to know how to perform their duties as California Notaries Public.

Notary seminar locations, Orange County, Riverside County, Inland Empire, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Kern County and many more.

Adult Education

It should be of no surprise that adult learning is vastly different then a youth learner. Because we are at different stages of our lives, we draw from different experiences and expectations for our learning.

notary class student

“With a shift in focus from covering content to using content, curriculum design also becomes less a matter of determining “what” to teach and more a matter of “how” to facilitate learning.”

Diane. G – Lead Notary Instructor