Professional Notary System


Everything you’ll need as a Notary Public to grow a profitable and sustainable business.

Pre Class Sales Price


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#1 Preferred Notary Journal – Less writing /check-boxes – Hand stitched for optimal page usage – Guaranteed pages will not tear out*

#1 Preferred Notary Thumb-printing – Guaranteed Ink-less Absolutely NO Residue – (no alcohol wipes needed)

California State Approved Notary Stamp/Seal – Your choice Slim Seal or Standard Size

California All Purpose Acknowledgment Certificate Pad – State Approved Loose Notarial Certificates

California Jurat Certificate Pad – State Approved Loose Notarial Certificates

Notary Bond $15,000 4-Year – California Surety Bond – Protects The Public 

California Notarial Certificates, Forms, How-to-Videos –  Forms On A Flash – 4-Year Updates. Key chain option. Always have what you need!

Notary Public Identification Badge (w/o expiration date)

Notary Public Services  & Loan Signing Service Receipt Book – 2-part – Carbon less numbered sequentially.

Notary Membership Hotline – Speak directly to a Notary Instructor for your notarization questions. Request a Video Call for Immediate assistance. Membership 4-years.

Professional Notary System Carrying CaseIncludes Lock – state requirement

Professional smudge proof writing pen

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