Certified Loan Signing Agent

Make more money as a Certified Loan Signing Agent. Take your notary commission to places you only dreamed about. Learn how to earn a few thousand on a part-time basis or full time earning  $100-$250 per appointment.


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Become a Mobile Notary Signing Agent

Become a Mobile Signing Agent,  travel to a client’s home, office, or provide notarial services in hospitals, nursing homes, and much more.

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Cut through all the nonsense and learn innovative proven strategies that have worked for Notaries and business owners just like you. Let’s face it – you are trying to use your notary commission to earn more money and  succeed. But the bottom line is, no one is teaching you HOW to get assignments, HOW to do the job so ON POINT that you will ALWAYS be the first choice, How to attract swarms of new clients every day, how to get more signing appointments, referrals and ultimately build a sustainable Signing Agent Business that can be run from anywhere. Our Proven and Mastered Strategies will keep you working and MAKE MONEY!

Online Course or Live Private One-On-One Training.


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What does a Signing Agent Do?

Also known as:

  • Signing Agent – SA
  • Loan Signing Agent – LSA
  • Mobile Notary Signing Agent – MNSA
  • Certified Signing Agent – CSA


A Signing Agent is a Notary Public that has additional training in the Loan Signing process.

When someone purchases or refinances a home a Certified Loan Signing Agent is then hired.

A Certified Loan Signing Agent is hired as an impartial 3rd-party to the transaction, and is expected to insure all documents have been properly executed.

In this  course you will learn the tools necessary for your success as a Loan Signing Agent.

Why this course?

We believe this is the absolute best Loan Signing Agent course available. You will learn everything you need to get started immediately. Not only will you have access to Money Making Secrets in this industry, but you will also learn how to diversify your business as a notary gaining streams of income from other sources.

Our primary objective is to insure you are successful as notary, and that we have exceed your expectations.  In doing so, we hope you return as a loyal student when its time to renew.

The Loan Signing System was created by 2- Escrow Officers, 3-Mortgage Lenders,  1-Real Estate Broker, 4-Notary Public Instructors, and successful Loan Signing Agents that are actually out there doing the Job as a Notary Public Loan Signing Agent.


Part Time Agents typically do 2-4 signings per week. Taking about 1-hour per appointment.